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This   is   a   poem   of   Testimony   written   very   recently.   This   deals   with   my   being   saved   in   the   Civic   Arena   during   a   Carmen   concert   on   April   22,   1994.

Did You see me, prancing, laughing, in black attire, the death-darer?
I once acknowledged You, barely, only words to hold on unconsciously.
At the moment when black holes of serrated depression tore me,
I walked away from gates of fired delusion, into a small-town church.

Only You could have known I'd be saved by a musical sermon
sung inside an arena where the balconies rocked and Jesus swarmed.
I followed down steps and corridors hundreds like me, a lost gnat.
I accepted the sacrifice bought by one man, one cross, and three nails.

Electric-shock-spirit therapy unraveled a past of pentagrams and rituals.
The Unknown God invaded dark horizons desolate of love or mercy.
The salute to the darkness now has open arms, an embrace to share.
My slow dance is with the One who ate fire for my slackened soul.

Paul J. Lavins
originally written 1-22-99.
revised slightly 1-25-99.

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