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Christian Music Links

Saviour Machine (official)
Gothic Metal. They are currently working on the final installment of their Legend trilogy.
Skillet (official)
Wedding Party (official)
Native American Euro Goth.
Rackets & Drapes (official)
Horror-Shock-Metal-Goth Music.
dc Talk (official)
Jars of Clay (official)
Bride (official)
Arguably one of the most outspoken Xian metal/rock artists for the sake of ministry.
Circle of Dust (official)
Now a non-entity, but Klay Scott still lives.
Angeldust (official)
Criss Angel and Klay Scott's new project.

Christian Music Resources

High Quality Underground CCM.
HM Magazine
The Authority on Xian Hard Music.
The Enclave
A Net Community of Xian Goths.
Christian Book Distributors
An excellent resource for Xian books on a wide variety of subjects.

Poetry, etc.

Poetry for the Abnormal Xian
Poems for those who choose to be disturbed.