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The   Personal   Side   of   the   Moon

Welcome. This is some personal information regarding myself.
This is everything you'd ever want to know, but really didn't
want to ask. Enjoy.

Paul Jason Lavins.

Birth Date: 
August 23, 1976.

If you can read calendars and do mathematics, then you'll have
little difficulty.

Marital Status: 

Religious Affiliation: 
My denomination is Free Methodist, but that has lesser meaning than 
the fact that I am affiliated with Jesus Christ.

Carmichaels Area High School, PA, Graduate of 1994.
Waynesburg College, PA, 5th year Senior, 
will be a graduate in May 1999.

Major Field(s) of Study:	
Dual Major in Communication & History.

Other Interests:	
Religious Study, Poetry, Literature, Music.

Authors of Interest: 
Clive Barker, Anne Rice, Dante, William Blake.

Musicians of Interest: 
Savatage, Saviour Machine, Bride, Dream Theater.

Future Endeavors:		
Writing(Poetry, Fiction, Plays), Teaching, and, perhaps, 
ministry in some form or another.

Why there's not a picture here: 
For one, I don't have a good one to display, and, for 
another reason, I don't wish to frighten the masses.

Note to reader: This page will continue in the future. Fear not.

Do you wish further violence?

Ambassador 4 JC's Xian Music Site: A multitude of linkage for your musical edification.
Poetry for the Abnormal Christian: An ever-growing morphing of poems for your literary displeasure.

You have been assaulted times.

Paul Lavins

The Poet
P.O. Box 215
Crucible, PA 15325
United States