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Paul Lavins

The Poet
P.O. Box 215
Crucible, PA 15325
United States
Phone # (724)592-6761

Welcome   To   Christian   Music   &   Associated   Madness

Hello. This site is dedicated to the pursuit of Christian music, specifically hard and extreme forms of it. This page will serve, from now on, as the main page for jumps to other areas. I'm attempting some streamlining and organizing, so please bear with the changes. This site will also contain poetry, and you are free to submit something of your own, or if you have a link or a work by a favorite author, then feel free to submit them. God Bless You on your musical journey.

Streamlined Linkage

A Poet's Room
Some of my own... maybe... some of yours.
A Little Biography
Just in case you wanted to know...
Links of Types & Sorts
Links to Xian music, poetry, etc.
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